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Title: DOG in the Mirror GOOD; A Scientifically Spiritual Approach to Treating Human and Animal Behaviour Problems.

Author: Gaby Dufresne-Cyr (c) 2018

Contributors: Amadea Editing, MarilouLéger Photographe

Release Date: October 30, 2018

Availability: Amazon e-Book, Amazon paperback and hardcover, Dogue Shop hardcover and paperback.

Synopsis: From science to spirituality, the book discusses quantum physics, psychological projection, mirroring, and behaviour modification protocols as an overall approach to change human and dog undesirable behaviours to desirable ones. Dog in the Mirror is God is an inter-species self-help book for professional animal trainers and dog owners who wish to address behaviour problems in a more practical approach. The text is easy to read and contains images to understand certain concepts.

Inter-species attachment and imitation are introduced to complement the self-directed learning process. The author presents case studies taken from her client database. Although names were changed, the authenticity of each case remains the same. Follow Boreal, Ginger, Scooby, Jake and their caregivers as they explore the challenges of improving their dysfunctional relationships into symbiotic partnerships.