Gaby's Dufresne-Cyr's Bio

Gaby Dufresne-Cyr is the founder, teacher, dog trainer, dog behaviour consultant, and exotic animal trainer at the Dogue Shop in Montreal. Involved with dogs since childhood, Gaby Dufresne-Cyr got her first paid dog training client at the age of sixteen. From there, her path took her in a very different direction. She studied the arts and worked on movies and television sets, ads, and museums building and painting sets.
Gaby became a full-time dog trainer in the 90s, and now devotes her time to teach newer generations the science behind animal training. Gaby also travels internationally to speak about the science of animal behaviour management, training, social learning, and exotic animal-assisted therapy as a means of enrichment, training, and conservation. 

The Dogue Shop got its name in 1995. Dogue (pronounced dog) is a French word meaning molosser or Mastiff type. These dogs have big bones, square heads, a very pronounced stop ( the area where the nose becomes the forehead) and most of these dogs are descendants of ancient Molossia, an area of ancient Epirus, Greece.

The second part of the name came from the idea to offer personalized training sessions in the comfort of one's home. The idea of talking dog while drinking a cup of coffee was appealing to Gaby. Thus, training dogs in a coffee shop setting came to mind. 
Seeing her own Great Dane lying at her feet, comfortable and relaxed, Gaby wished to share the joy with all owners. Unfortunately, she knew too well this was not the case. Many dogs suffer from behaviour problems and are euthanized for lack of available affordable treatment. Gaby Dufresne-Cyr goal was to change that reality. 

Personalized training sessions or behaviour modification consultations is the essence of Gaby's practice. She believes training should not be done in large groups where distractions not only disrupt canine concentration, they also disturb the human-animal bond. The same goes for the animal behaviour school. Classes are kept small, which makes them extremely personalized. Gaby teaches the Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship Program, Animal-Assisted Therapy at la Pocatière college, practices dog, wolf, and rat animal-assisted therapy, and organize various animal-related events.
For those with an insatiable curiosity, Gaby invites you to visit her Instagram or Facebook accounts to see what she has been up too. You can always stop by the Dogue Shop and she'll be happy to chat with you about dogs, wolves, or other animal-related topics.

Gaby's Training Philosophy

Science allows me to train animals of all species because learning theories and training techniques are the same no matter which animal I work with. The challenge for me, as a professional, is to know which learning theory, training technique, and behaviour that applies to that specific animal. I then establish a plan and set the animal up for success.

Successful training sessions are the main focus of my animal training program. In this case, the giraffe must learn to touch a predetermined target in order to get a treat. Thus, I must adapt to the giraffe's species-specific physiology (height) and psychology (sociability) if I am to be successful. Finally, I use classical and operant conditioning, social cognitive, and attachment theories to train dogs, wolves, rats, or giraffes.

Le science me permet d'entraîner toutes espèces car les techniques d'entraînement et théories d'apprentissage sont les mêmes peu importe la race avec laquelle je travaille. La difficulté pour moi en tant que professionnel est de savoir quelle théorie d'apprentissage et technique d'entraînement s'applique à l'espèce avec laquelle je travaille. J'établis ensuite un plan d'intervention dans lequel l'animal doit être placé en situation de réussite.

Le succès est mon but premier quand j'entraîne un animal. Dans le cas de la girafe elle devait apprendre à toucher une cible afin de recevoir une gâterie. Je dois m'adapter à ses besoins physiologiques (hauteur) et psychologiques (sociabilité). En terminant, j'utilise les théorie d'apprentissage du conditionnement classique et opérant, le socio-cognitif, et l'attachement pour entraîner chiens, loups, rats ou girafes.

Gaby's Experience

Work / Travail:

- Animal-Assisted Therapy
Perspectives One High School (dog program), Montreal, 2014 -
Focus High School (rat program), Montreal, 2015 -
Laurier-McDonald High School (dog program), Montreal, 2016

- College Professor
Relevant Information to the Animal-Assisted Therapy Profession - La Pocatiere, 2014 - 2016
Animal Training and Behaviour - La Pocatiere, 2014

- Animal Behaviour Consultant & Animal Trainer
Dogue Shop Training Centre, Montreal, 1999 - 
Les Écurie Casa Blanca, Ste-Sophie, 2016
Park Safari Zoo, Hemmingford, 2003 - 2016
Zouvrac, Montreal, 2007 - 2011
Au Coin des Quatre Pattes, Blainville, 2004 - 2007

- Wolf Behaviour Field Guide
Wolf Park, Battle Ground, Indiana, USA, 2008

- Veterinary Assistant
De la Promenade Veterinary Clinic, Montreal, 2004 - 2007
Ahuntsic Veterinary Clinic, Montreal, 2003 - 2004

Gaby's Education

- Concordia University
Psychology, cognitive-neuroscience (student), 2016 - 
Applied Human Science, Family Life Educator, 2009 - 2016

- Walks 'N Wags
CPR, Walks 'N Wags, 2018

- Wolf Park
Advanced Exotic Animal Training, 2016
Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, & Bison Training, 2008
Captive Wolf Management, 2008
Ethology, 2008

- Coursera
Dog Emotion and Cognition, 2015
Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management, 2015

Animal Behavior Management Alliance
Advanced Exotic Animal Training & Enrichment, 2017
Advanced Exotic Animal Training & Enrichment, 2014

- Park Safari Zoo
Exotic Animal Behaviour Management, 2003
Canine Evolution, 2003

- Quebec Association of Veterinary Medicine
Domestic Animal Safety & Health, 2007
Animal Rights, 2007
Animal Grieving, 2006

- Certification Cyno Professionnel
Canine Behaviour Technician, 2007

- Studio Lyne St-Roch
Yoga Teacher Training, 2006 
- Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers
Advanced Trainer Development Program, 2004
Canine Behavioural Problems, 2002
Modifying Canine Behaviour, 2000

- Professional Animal Behaviour Associates
Advanced Learning Theories, 2004
Intermediate Learning Theories, 2003
Learning Theory 101, 2000

- Syn Alia Training systems 
Bridge and Target, 2002

Non-Exhaustive Teacher List:

Dr. Alen Beck Dr. Ilana Reisner Dr. Suzanne Hetts Kim Cooper
Dr. Andrew Luescher Dr. James Serpell Dr. Wayne Hunthausen Margaret Gibbs
Dr. Anne-Marie Lamothe Dr. Jennifer Burstein Carolyn Clark Mike Mantel
Dr. Bill Milgra Dr. Karen Houpt Gary Priest Roger Abrantes
Dr. Brian Hare Dr. Karen Overall Gary Wilkes Sarah Wilson-Kilcommons
Dr. Clayton MacKay Dr. Kersti Seskel Gwen Bailey Steve Martin
Dr. Debra Horwitz Dr. Kim Greener Joe Araujo Susan Garret
Dr. Diane Frank Dr. Nicolas Dodman John Menzies  
Dr. Gary Landsberg Dr. Raymond Coppinger Karen Fisher  
Dr. Ian Dunbar Dr. Stanley Coren Kayce Cover  

Gaby's Memberships

Animal Behavior Management Alliance




Broholmer Canadian Club