Science Based Dog Trainers

Gaby Dufresne-Cyr owner and founder of the Dogue Shop has been training animals professionally for nearly 30 years. She offers innovative training programs, puppy daycare, puppy and teen group classes, workshops, conferences, and seminars which will undoubtedly challenge your dog knowledge. Gaby works with a wide variety of species but concentrates on Canidae (wolves, coyotes, and dogs), Equidae (zebras, horses, mules, and donkeys), Muridae (rats and mice). Her favourite animal to train is the giraffe. Gaby spends most of her time bettering the animal community however she can. Her perspective on life is to never think within the box, for the box limits you. Be sure to visit her page by clicking on her name. 

The Dogue Shop is an animal behaviour training school created by Gaby Dufresne-Cyr. The innovative learning centre focuses on science-based learning theories to teach future trainers how to manage, train, and modify animal behaviour. The Dogue Shop is an English institution that tailors its services to a community she believes deserves the latest discoveries in domestic and exotic animal training, behaviour modification, and behaviour management.

Gaby decided to think outside the box and offer innovative group classes. Consequently, Gaby would like to introduce you to two of her graduate students who also teach group classes. The following trainers have extensive training and experience and work in collaboration with the Dogue Shop. If you wish to contact a specific trainer, please click on their e-mail. If you wish to take group classes with Gaby, email her here or visit the Dogue Shop Facebook page. 

Le Dogue Shop est un centre de formation anglophone créé par Gaby Dufresne-Cyr. Le centre de formation innove en se concentrant sur la science afin d’éduquer les futurs entraîneurs sur les techniques de gestion, modification et d’entraînement du comportement animal. L’équipe du DogueShop aimerait vous présenter les étudiants gradués de son centre qui donnent des cours de groupes. Les entraîneurs suivants ont une formation extensive et une expérience riche et diversifiée en comportement animal et travaillent en étroite collaboration avec le Dogue Shop.

Ann-Marie Bourassa and Randi Belfer work in collaboration with the Dogue Shop. they are spunky, full of life, people dedicated to the wellness of your pets. both girls work with animals from the extremely small to the infinitely big, and their curiosity makes them the most informed people to answer all your questions. Ann-Marie and Randi spend limitless amounts of hours educating themselves on the latest scientific discoveries. Finally, the girls teach puppy and teen dog group classes. To learn more about their services, experiences, specialties, web links, or social media feed, simply follow the above-mentioned link.