Social Learning Series

Science is changing the way we interact and train animals; consequently, the Dogue Shop now offers a new and innovative series of workshops in Montreal that will focus on dog social learning: dog attachment, dog cognition, and dog imitation. The series is designed for intermediate to advanced trainers who wish to further their knowledge and add new skills to their toolbox.

As with all our seminars and workshops, notes and supplies are included our prices. Workshops are three hours long and normally given week nights. Should you wish to receive the schedule when it comes out, please subscribe to our news letter. We promise we won't inundate your e-mail box.  

Workshops are designed independently from one another, thus, they can be taken individually. Should you wish to take all three workshops, we suggest you take them in order as the knowledge builds on itself: attachment, cognition, imitation. The workshop will focus on the dog as a subject; therefore, dogs are welcome in this series of workshops.The following key points are the knowledge you can expect to learn from our social learning workshop series. 

- Attachment styles
- Attachment exercises
- Cognitive processing
- Cognitive abilities
- Cognitive memory
- Cognitive exercises
- Verbal cues&  behaviours
- Imitation rule/s
- Train complex behaviours

Dog Social Attachment
The first workshop in the series is called Social Attachment.  The workshop is a derivative of Bandura's social cognitive learning theory. The focus of the workshop is to understand the different attachment styles, how to modify attachment via tangible exercises, and how to maintain a positive attachment despite life's busy environment. 

Human-dog relationships, or lack thereof,  will be observed, discussed, and experimented. Participants are welcome to bring their dog or an unfamiliar dog. In any case, participants in this workshop will work with familiar and unfamiliar dogs in order to grasp new concepts and training protocols. We will conduct strange situation evaluations and conduct assessments of attachment styles to better identify social cues. 

There's a high possibility we will add a "part two" series with horses to this workshop. We will keep participants informed via our news letter. You can subscribe here for future information. 

Dog Social Cognition, AKA Brain Games
The second workshop in the series is called Cognitive Brain Games. The workshop is based on
 social-cognitive learning theory. The workshop is a hands-on class designed to teach you how to develop your dog's problem-solving skills and deepen your bond. We will explore science based tests in order to identify how you and your dog are bonded, mutually trusting, and so forth. 

These activities will also tire dogs in a fraction of the time it would normally take with physical activity. Fifteen minutes of cognitive stimulation via problem-solving is equivalent to approximately one hour of physical activity. Yes, you read that right !!! 

During these workshops, participants will learn why dogs should play brain games, and how to create DIY puzzles, games, and toys designed to mentally stimulate your pet. From commercial toys to the recycling box, we will teach you how to enrich your dog's life. Participants are encouraged to bring challenging, nonaggressive, dogs to this workshop.

Dog Social Imitation
The last workshop in our social learning series is called Social Imitation and is based on Do As I Do research from Hayes & Hayes (1952). Furthermore, our workshop incorporates Claudia Fugazza's social learning rule (Fugazza & Miklósi, 2014). For those who follow us, you will remember Claudia Fugazza from our summer 2016 seminar.

During the workshop, you will learn the Do As I Do protocol and start to teach your dog to imitate your actions. Before you can participate in the workshop you will be required to train specific behaviours. It is highly recommended you communicate with us beforehand should you wish to actively participate.

We offer an observation discount should you decide your dog cannot partake in the exercises. This is a dog event, thus, you will need to reserve your spot should you wish to come with your beloved canine partner.

For more information contact Gaby or visit the Dogue’s Events page for future dates. This workshop is free to ABA-2 students or professionals who have taken Claudia Fugazza’s seminar in the past. Please note, we have limited space, as such, we will require a receipt from your participation to as past event.

Hope to see you at one of our events.


Facebook Marketing

Forget the boost post button on your business page, for you will only waste your hard earned money. If you want to use Facebook to advertise your small to medium business, you will need this class because Facebook has changed the rules of advertising and didn't tell you.

We take endless amounts of classes to keep up with Facebook, and now Instagram*; consequently, we want to break their secret and allow you to grow your business without spending endless amounts of money. The three hour workshop will cover Adverts, Power Editor, Canvas marketing software, and, if time permits, new upcoming features.

You will need to bring a laptop for this class. Pads and cell phones do not work the same platform; therefore, you will not be able to follow the class. We will cover mobile platforms, but to actively create and learn the tools efficiently there’s nothing better than actual practice. You will also need patience and possibly a credit card should you wish to create your first campaign.

For more information contact Gaby or visit the Dogue’s Events page for future dates. This workshop is for to ABA-2 students, animal professionals, or other small to medium sized business owners who wish to learn how to use Facebook as a marketing tool. 

* If you didn’t know, Facebook has purchased Instagram and will apply all its rule to your favourite platform.

Clicker Camp

During this workshop, we will revisit conditioning theories and perfect your clicker training skills with the help of various species of animals. The goal is to increase your speed and timing via hand-eye coordination exercises. Furthermore, you will learn to effectively capture and modify behaviour with the use of a clicker. This workshop is ideal for beginners and intermediate trainers.

Clicker training and conditioning theories.
Working with dogs loading the clicker.

Working with rodents on shaping behaviour.
Working with an animal on shaping behaviour.

We work with animals, so please consider the schedule might change last minute. 
If you have allergies and wish to participate, please make sure to take or bring the appropriate medication. This is a dog event unless otherwise stipulated.

For more info about our workshops please click here. For scheduled events, please visit our calendar for dates and times or click on the event page.