Gaby Dufresne-Cyr Speaker

I've been teaching animal behaviour, animal training, and animal-assisted therapy at our local college and in my private institution for over 10 years, and I love every minute of it. My specialties as an animal behaviour consultant and cognitive-neuroscience student are inter-species communication, social cognitive learning theory, attachment, advanced problem-solving skills, and exotic animal husbandry training. 

The conferences, seminars and workshops I give are filled with demonstrations, examples, practice, photos, video, questions, and animal kisses. Each event is adapted to satisfy your particular needs; therefore, these events can last from a few hours to a weekend, or last as long as required.

The choice of conference, seminar, or workshop will depend on your outcome expectations and requirements. The subjects most often covered are listed below in alphabetic order. Should you have other topics in mind or wish to combine topics, no problem, I can create a specific program for your event. Simply mention your event in the subject title of your email.

I must say, without boasting, that my presentations are very dynamic. Since I don't like to stand in one spot for very long, I tend to move and gesticulate a lot. Plus, if I need to get on all fours to demonstrate a behaviour or concept, I will. I'm a passionate extroverted person which means my presentation are well adapted for visual, auditory, and kinetic learners.

Below, you will see an excerpt from a conference presentation on wolf animal-assisted therapy given during the ABMA's week conference on animal behaviour management (2017). The second excerpt is about Park Safari's new fennec fox ambassador presented on CityTV's Only in Montreal television show (2013).

Please note that prices will vary according to the length of the seminar, venue, and travel accommodations. If you wish to organize an event please send your inquiries to Dogue Shop. For more information on my experience, you can visit my page. I like to teach and would be honoured to share my knowledge with you.

The following are topics ideas for your event (in alphabetic order):
- Advanced aggression
- Animal-assisted therapy
- Behaviourism theories
- Behaviour modification
- Canine behaviour
- Clicker training
- Domestic animal training
- Emotional projection
- Exotic animal training
- Extreme fear
- Husbandry training
- Interspecies attachment
- Social-cognitive theory

Conference Presentation - ABMA

Only in Montreal - CityTV

Gaby's Past Speaker Engagements

- Conferences
Wolf Animal-Assisted Therapy, Animal Behaviour Management Alliance, Cincinnati, USA
Animal-Assisted Therapy Field Requirements, Concordia University, Montreal
Dog Language, PIJAC, Sherbrooke
Bite Prevention, Scouts Canada, Mirabel
Bite Prevention, Groupe de l'ACPEQ, Mirabel
Dog Language, Canine Festivities, Ste-Adele
Dog Language, Festival Plein Air et Voyage, Montreal & Quebec

- Seminars
Dog Language, Click d'Agilité, Drummondville 
Clicker Training, Click d'Agilité, Drummondville 
Howling with the Wolves, Park Safari, Hemmingford
Dog Language, Mohawk Council Animal Protection, Kahnawa:ke
SAFER Test, Mohawk Council Animal Protection, Kahnawa:ke 

- Fundraiser
Friends of Park Safari Foundation Golf Tournament 
Friends of Park Safari Foundation Bicycle Tour
SPCA Monteregie
Pit Stop Montreal
SPA Canada