Randi Belfer

Randi Belfer's debut in the dog world is far from the norm. Destined and determined to follow in her father's footsteps in the high world of fashion at a young age. She had great successes. 

Terminating her career from the fashion world in pursuit of a NEW and exciting adventure, Randi started her dog walking company and has since helped dogs enjoy life. 

The life change that brought her to this vocation, goes back to the day she walked into the SPCA emergency shelter to become a volunteer in May of 2012.

“My heart was completely stolen by all these beautiful, helpless, innocent beings peering back at me. I wanted to be their advocate, champion and voice, and to provide them with as much love, stability, trust and compassion as they needed”. 

Established in 2015, “Randi” began as a dog walking company, specializing in one-on-one walks only. Now with great pride, she devotes her time to training and behaviour modifications.

As a Behaviour consultant and science-based trainer, her commitment to the animals and their humans is her number one priority. Follow Rani on Facebook.

Randi's CV

Experience Education Media

- Randi Enriched Walk, 2017
Animal Behaviour Consultant, 2016
Animal Trainer, 2016

- SPCA Montreal
Emergency shelter volunteer 2012-2016
Team leader dog walking program, 2014-2016

- Walks’ N Wags
CPR/Pet First Aid, 2018

- Concordia University/Dogue Shop, 2016
Dog in the mirror is God, 2016

- Dogue Shop
Advanced dog aggression, 2018
Social learning & Attachment, 2017
Social learning imitation, 2017
Social learning brain Games, 2017
Dog aggression, 2017
SPARCS International Conference live broadcast at Dogue Shop, 2017
Dog language~deciphering the canine code, 2016
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship 2, 2016
Animal Behaviour Apprenticeship 1, 2016

Westmount Neighbors magazine
Just a girl and her dogs, 2016